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An amazing print featuring Techno Destructo (Don Version) and GOR-GOR!!!!

Fully Autographed by Sleazy P. Martini himself!!

Gor-Gor comes and sirens wail

Mournful drone of babbling fail

Thunderous gnashing firestorm

Flames illuminate his form Gor-Gor comes and you must die

Swats F-16s from the sky

Admit you crave the gift he brings you

Fall worship tyrant king, you Gor-Gor!

Sow pestilent hate It shall obliterate

The shadows of your long dead brothers

And all the mutilated others

Who died in waves, uniform

To appease your bloodied hulking form

Who broke through layers of moletn strata

To make the planet earth errata

Take the chuld in champing jaws

A pulping pile of frothing flaws

This horrid mass shall give us pause

At putrid rot fills gaping maws Gor-Gor!

Gor-Gor big!

Skulls are smashed and bones are bending

Joints are popping, our claws are rending

Groveling, sniveling, driveling horde

To worship scaly overlord

Apocalypse becomes creation Gor-Gor shall erase the nation

Before you jump into his gizzard

Fall and worship tyrant lizard Gor-Gor comes and you must die

He swats the stealth down from the sky

Admit you crave the gift he brings you

Fall and worship tyrant king you Gor-Gor!

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