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Sundays at 10PM
Sleazy's 3D Movie
Grab your 3D glasses and riff on some big budget bombs with Sleazy P. Martini

Wednesdays at 10PM
Live From The Bunker
Join Sleazy live as he explores breaking news and showcases some of the wildest videos on the internet

Thursdays at 10PM
Sleazy Pictures after Dark
Sleazy P. Martini guides you through some of the worst horror and sci-fi movies of all time

Fridays at 10PM
What Did You Do In The GWAR, Daddy
W/ Don Drakulich

Join Sleazy P. Martini's personal slave - Don Drakulich - as he presents his experiences with GWAR and demonstrates how many of the effects and props are made

Saturday Night at 10PM
Live From The Bunker
Just like Wednesday night, but turned up to 11


Oderus Urungus Head Nodder

In stock
Product Details

You wanted it! You got it!! For almost 20 years GWAR fans have been asking for an Oderus Urungus Head Nodder to go with their Sleazy P. Martini and Balsac -The Jaws of Death. Here he is in all of his epic glory. Masterfully sculpted and hand painted by Don Drakulich (Sleazy himself!), these head nodders are each handmade and come signed by Sleazy P. Martini. Each order comes autographed by Sleazy P. Martini himself!

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